Wrest Point Blackjack School

A few years ago, Wrest Point Casino ran a school to teach players how to play blackjack. They advertised it in "The Mercury," the local newspaper. When I read the ad, I noted these words:
The only thing you really need to know is when to
ask for a card, 'hit me' and when not to, 'I'll stand'.
The word 'when' implied a skill component. Because card-counters know 'when' to do things, the ad could be taken as condoning card-counting, and even that the casino were training would-be card-counters.

I thought I could have a bit of fun at the casino's expense but, not to risk exposing my own card-counting, asked a friend to do it. I underlined those key words in the ad and gave it to him. My friend was not a card-counter, although his wife was, and he took to my plan with relish. He teased the pit bosses about the ad, laughing and waving it under their noses. It was quite hilarious to note the agitation, almost panic, of the pit critters.

Whe the ad was run the following week, and all further times, it read differently. The word 'when' had been replaced by 'how'. Here are the 'when' and 'how' ads:

When to ask for a card
How to ask for a card

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