Somersaulting word

The word is up

It's antonym is down

Which abbreviated becomes dn

I was once involved in planning the location of machinery, vats and various bits of equipment in a multi-storey factory. One item's location provided a comic touch. Here is the floor plan drawing:

up dn

The drawing lay on a table. Half the planning team stood on one side of the table, the other half opposite.

I suggested that the vat be located under the staircase – just a couple of minutes to slide it into position. My team agreed.

Those opposite instantly objected, saying it would be impossible to slide the vat into that position and, anyway, to have it there made it virtually inaccessible.

Arguments went to and fro for a minute or so until the staircase "up" and "dn" arrows were sorted out. The vat problem dissolved in laughter.

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