Hamlet's depression

I could be wrong but I'm inclined to think the average person might be a tiny bit upset or depressed if they had Hamlet's problems:
  1. Hamlet's father, it was said, had been killed by a snakebite.
  2. Hamlet never saw his father's body or attended his funeral.
  3. Instead of Hamlet being made king his uncle usurped the throne.
  4. His uncle married his mother after one month.
  5. For a time, Hamlet thought his mother was a nymphomaniac.
  6. A Ghost told Hamlet his uncle murdered his father so as to become king.
  7. The Ghost told Hamlet his uncle had an incestuous desire for his mother but could only attain his desire by killing his father so as to marry her. Adultery with a brother's wife is incest. Adultery only requires one person. Jesus said "Whoever shall look upon a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart."
  8. Hamlet realised his mother had become a victim of his uncle's incestuous desire. Although she had pledged never to remarry, it was beyond her control because the King could demand she marry him. Women were mere chattels in that bygone age.
  9. The Ghost wanted Hamlet to kill his uncle.
  10. Hamlet didn't know whether the Ghost was honest or evil.
  11. Hamlet had no idea whether his uncle intended killing him, so he feigned madness so as to seem harmless.
  12. Hamlet didn't know who were his enemies. He friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern lied to him. They were his uncle's men.
  13. Ophelia suddenly refused all contact with him and sent back his letters. Had she joined the enemy?
  14. After some weeks, Hamlet went to Ophelia but she would not talk to him.
    She was extremely frightened.
  15. The very next day, Ophelia went to Hamlet and she wanted to talk to him.
    She was not at all frightened.
  16. Ophelia handed back all of Hamlet's love tokens and lied that her father was at home.
  17. Hamlet put on a play about a murder that duplicated his uncle's murder of his father and used it to entertain his uncle.
  18. Hamlet, being a Christian, discovered committing a murder ain't as easy as his critics and every Shakespearean expert thinks it is!
  19. Hamlet went about armed ready to fight off an assassination attempt.
  20. Hamlet reacted to what he probably thought was an assassination attempt and killed Polonius.
  21. Hamlet wondered why he was going to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. He found out it was to get his head chopped off.
I think I can understand Hamlet feeling a little bit down.

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