Phillip Triffett's Accusation

Phillip Triffett's evidence pretty much encompassed the entire case against Sue Neill-Fraser. Without his evidence Sue is unlikely to have been convicted.

Mr Triffett said that a few weeks before Xmas 1996, he was working on the engine of Sue's Roberts 28 yacht when she asked him to murder her brother and sink her yacht.

A few weeks later, around Xmas 1996, while going to Murdunna, she asked him to murder Mr Chappell and sink her yacht.

Their friendship ended in early 1997.
At some time after that, Sue sold her yacht.

Mr Triffett's wrong Xmas

Mr Triffett in his statement to the police, and when cross-examined in Sue's trial, said the events he described, such as Christmas at Murdunna, took place in 1996/97. It can be proven Christmas at Murdunna took place exactly one year later, and that their friendship ended in early 1998.

When did Sue sell her yacht?

Did Sue own a yacht when Mr Triffett claimed she asked him to murder Mr Chappell and sink her yacht, or had she sold it 2 or 3 years earlier?

In her evidence, Sue said she moved in with Bob in 1991 and thought she sold her yacht 4 or 5 years later. This implies it was sold in 1995 or 1996, rather than 1998 that Mr Triffitt's evidence requires.

At the time of Sue's trial, the prosecution should have checked when it was sold, but didn't do so, nor has it been done since.

Yacht sales were registered with the Marine Board until 29/7/97, when it closed down.

Registration of Yacht Sales

Since 29/7/97, yacht sales have been registered with MAST (Marine And Safety Tasmania).

MAST have no record
of Sue's yacht.