A New Australian Flag

Existing Icons

Blue with the Commonwealth Star (white): links to the present flag.
Blue & Gold: Australia's heraldic colours. Coat of Arms – Order of Australia.
Green & Gold: Australia's national colours.

Racial Origins of Australia

Blue: symbolic of the sea; original British settlers; maritime heritage. Respecting our British heritage and its precious gifts, including our political and legal institutions.

Gold: symbolic of Australia itself; Aboriginal people; appropriately central. Honouring our Indigenous heritage and culture, with its timeless connection to Australia’s land and sea.

Green: symbolic of the land; New Australians, from the great continents. Celebrating our immigrant heritage of opportunity and endeavour, and its vital contribution to our national identity.

Stripes of equal width: symbolic of the equality of all Australians.

The Australian Landscape is pictured

Blue: Cloudless skies.
Star: Sunrise — dawning of a new day — a young country.
Gold: The Australian heartland. A sunburnt country. Mineral wealth.
Green: Forests, pastures, agricultural wealth.
Horizontal stripes: Australia's wide endless horizons.
Blue: The sea — Australia, the island continent.
Gold: Australia's beaches.