A little green one-eyed Martian leapt out of a flying saucer, pointed his ray gun at me and demanded, "Take me to your leader!" So I did. We heard a truly wonderful performance of Beethoven's song cycle "An die ferne Geliebte" and the Martian had a tear in his eye.

Farmer George

I used to be someone else but only remember one day as that person. I sat on the throne in Westminster Abbey and was crowned. That night, I dreamt I was a farmer with cows and land to plough. Next morning, I milked my cows and began ploughing my land.
George III was known as 'Farmer George' because he took a keen interest in agriculture, particularly on the crown estates at Richmond and Windsor. In his old age, he had recurrent, and eventually permanent, mental illness.


I used to be someone else. I was my grandfather's wife but I can't remember which grandfather. As they had three wives between them, I may not be my own grandmother. However, because I was the favourite grandson of my mother's father's wife, I might be my own favourite grandson.


I used to be someone else and maybe I still am. My brother and I are identical twins and we take turns being each other. We have swapped so many times that I don't know whether I am him or me. Yesterday, my brother dropped dead, or was it me?

Willy or Milly

I'm Nobody! Are you – Nobody – Too?
I used to be, or not to be, someone else.
That is the question I ask, and ask, and it
Feeds on my wonder, keeps myself in clouds.
If aught of woe or wonder, cease this search –
I'm Will Shakespeare, else I'm Emmy Dickinson.

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