The Theft

My name is Flavia Holmes. I'm a consulting detective and here to investigate the theft you reported. What happened?

I'm John Smith, and staying at this BandB. Today, I climbed Scafell Pike. I didn't need money so I left my coins and notes on the dressing-table. It's gone. That cash was vital. I've only got one travellers cheque left and still a month before I return home. I told the proprietor but he got angry, perhaps thinking I was implying someone on his staff entered my room and stole the money.

I see the window is open a couple of inches.

Yes, but won't open more than that, and my money was too far away.

I don't know about that. The thief got my money.

The thief got your money?

Yes! I walked around the house but found no footprints. As your window was open, I threw three coins onto the dressing-table. Those coins have vanished.

So, the thief is someone here!

I don't know about that. I have a suspect, I'll take you to where he's hidden his stash. If you have a mountain climbing rope, bring it - it'll come in handy.


I'll tell you on the way.

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