My Four Jobs

The first job I ever wanted was to blow things up and blow things down. If I could blow them to bits I would be happy, but the only thing I ever blew up, except balloons, was myself.

Like Alfred Nobel, I wanted to be a chemist in the field of explosives, and, like him, too, to give prizes for great humanitarian achievements. Circumstances changed and I was unable to get the essential education. During my high-school days, a heap of gunpowder I made blew up in my face, It's true, it really did happen.

The second job I would have liked to have done almost happened. At age 12, I had only to sign a paper and a life-long career would have been set in motion. I would have learned to employ forces of destruction and annihilation and, if I reached the pinnacle of that job, might even have destroyed things on a gigantic scale.

I intended a career in the Navy and only needed to sign a document to install me as a midshipman at Flinders Naval Base, in Melbourne. I would have aimed for command of a naval vessel and through promotion have sought to attain the ultimate goal of admiral of the fleet and, as supreme commander, be in strategic control of the Navy in defence of Australia.

My third wished-for job I did, in fact, start but, after a few weeks, gave it up. The prospect of eventually being hung was very real. If I had had the native cunning necessary for such a pursuit it would have worked out. One only had to look at what others had done to make one wonder what must have been going through their minds. I could not imagine that such weird distortions were natural and gave up all thought of trying to emulate them. In retrospect, I think I could have made it. But the likelihood of being hung? What a prospect!

That particular job was as a trainee commercial artist. I could draw and paint but my art was in my hands, not in my head. Would I have ever been hung in an art gallery? Possibly, but unlikely. I gave up art drawing and turned my pencil to engineering drawing in a design office.

The fourth job I would have liked to have done might still happen, as one has no idea what the future holds. Someday, I hope to be immersed in the sound of angelic voices, angelic voices singing, heavenly! But I will insist they sing as I want them to and not as someone else does, regardless of how high and mighty that someone is. I will brook no deviation or I will not listen to them ever.

You see, I like opera, and though I'm not a musician, would like to direct an operatic production. I would prefer some arias sung differently to what I've heard and certain scenes staged otherwise. Just once, I would like to do it my way!

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