Glind's Writings — fact & fiction

Who betrays Elizabeth Bennet? no airs or bias
The Golden Road a ghost story
Thirteen o'clock in April grandfather clock
Mozart at the Sistine Allegri's 'Miserere'
Dalmatians 100 word stories
The criminal mind thinking evil thoughts
The day the world stopped the smoking gun
Public Service Entry Test revenge is sweet
I used to be someone else dribblings – 50 words
Desoapifying planet Earth ecological solution
Christmas at Uncle Bertie's Russian fairytale
The Slouch Hat Aussie digger icon
Fluffiness essential for warmth
My famous personality who do you think it is?
Graveyard Shift getting out from under
A Game of Snooker age versus youth
Winds of Change bad, good and beautiful
Fire – when misused good servant – bad master
Letter to the Editor publish or not?
Writing your autobiography how to complete it
One Man in his Time plays many parts
Vacuuming the cat unexpected, mostly funny
A Stab in the Dark murder investigation
A Prisoner of Birth review & examination
Dead End a philosophical problem
The Queen Caroline affair court out
Grumpetso's Finale ending on a sour note
Outback Camel Race betting to win
My Four Jobs jobs I might have done
Alberich where was he at the end?
What's in a name? who am I?
World Famous Nobody the whole World knows
Flight of fancy to London after 56 years
Woodpecker how much wood would it peck?
Food of love for star-crossed lovers
Grandma's Punctuation Lesson read what it says
Throwaway Lines clean out the cupboards
The Greater Need helping others
Sea Fever boyhood memories
Scrap Metal even the kitchen sink
One For the Road alternative endings
The Theft Flavia Holmes investigates
Never a cross word 500 words – harmony in the home
End of the Line 500 words – heartfelt passion
In vino veritas 500 words – in wine there is truth
Read for Danger 500 words – not what it seems
Means to an End 500 words – kill or cure?
Poe poems
Titles only stories read
St Barbara sketch Maribor, Slovenia
Jose, can you see ... Did they say that?
Glind's Sherlock Holmes Sherlock & Fairfax
Glind's Shakespeare Hamlet, Lear & Merchant