Letter to the Editor

It concerns me that not all 'Letters to the Editor' are published. The writers of 'Letters to the Editor' must feel that the issues they raise or respond to are of such importance or interest that they devote considerable time, thought and effort to bring such matters before the public. But what do you do? You sit there as judge, jury and executioner as to what you will publish and what you will throw into the wastepaper basket. You cannot possibly know every topic sufficiently well to judge fairly the good letters from the bad. Consequently, I say that you must not censor any 'Letter to the Editor' but must publish each and every one you receive.

I consider this to be of such importance that, rather than express my heartfelt concern in an open forum, I choose to write to you privately. It is a personal moral question for you and you alone to answer. It is not an issue to bring to the public's notice.

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