"World Famous Nobody"

Bill Smith was a nobody. He had never done anything special in his whole life. He had a very boring job that required him to repeat the same action again and again and he had done it thousands of times. Today, he was going to do his job the same old way, but today, for a ridiculous reason, in his opinion, the whole world was interested in him and his job.

Bill Smith, a person unknown in the very street in which he lived, had, in the last few months, become known to every person on the face of the Earth. Both he and his trivial, mundane job had become the topic of just about every conversation, regardless of where in the world you might listen in to what people were talking about. From the Eskimos in the Arctic, to the natives of the Amazonian jungles, from hovels in shanty towns to mansions in cities, from princes to paupers, everyone was talking about Bill Smith.

He was the focus of newspapers, TV, Facebook and every form of media. National and state governments and the United Nations all took an enormous interest in him and what he would do today. Many a prayer was made to many a god and many a blessing sought. Would it be for good or evil?

It was incredible that all these prayers and blessings and all this talk and interest should revolve around a single individual; a person who would change in some unknown way the people and the place where they lived. In fact, from today, the future history of the whole world would move in an unforeseeable direction because of just one person. But that person would not be Bill Smith. It would be the person who Bill Smith chose. It might be someone in this very room. But Bill Smith was so utterly bored with his boring job he couldn't care less who he chose.

You see, today, just as he'd always done, Bill Smith would randomly select the winning numbers of Lotto, except, this time, every person in the world had a ticket in Lotto. The winner of the 500 billion dollar first prize, regardless of who it was, would instantly become the world's richest person.