Read for Danger

John and Mary Smith were a happy couple. He loved reading, she loved gardening. Their closest friends, Jane and Bill Brown, were also a happy couple. He liked photography, she wrote short stories.

It was by mere chance that John Smith and Jane Brown happened to be in the local library at the same time.

John had recently read Stephen King's "On Writing" and found it fascinating. He told Jane that it had many great ideas that would benefit her as a writer. She immediately put a 'hold' on the book.

John wanted to tell her more about the book but as a library is not a place to talk, they went to a cafe near the supermarket. After talking about Stephen King's book, they discussed the other books they had read. Jane also told John of her own stories and he, being an avid reader, was all enthusiasm.

Over the following months, John and Jane occasionally ran into each other in the library and sometimes, if they had any spare time, they went to the café for a talk about literature and for Jane to read her latest stories.

Meanwhile, what about Mary Smith and Bill Brown?

One day, after Mary came out of the supermarket, she saw John and Jane in the café sitting very close together. What she couldn't see was that they were looking at a photograph in a book and discussing it. To Mary, it had a quite different look and she was in shock and rushed away so as not to be seen.

When she got home, she rang Bill and asked him to drop everything and meet her in the Dishwashing and Detergents aisle of the supermarket.

Within minutes, they met and Mary told him of what she had seen. They then left the supermarket and headed for the cafe so that Bill could see for himself what Mary had told him.

Sure enough, John and Jane were still there and appeared engrossed in each other's company. Bill was as shocked as Mary. He suggested they go to a cafe to discuss the matter, of course, not the cafe where the other two were carrying on their tete-a-tete.

In a quiet corner of a café, Bill and Mary shared their concern. Mary's nerves were coming apart and, although he didn't show it, Bill was just as upset. In an endeavour to console her, he moved his chair closer to hers and put his arm around her shoulder and told her to calm down and not worry.

At that very moment, Jane and John walked past the café and, on looking through the window, saw Bill apparently embracing Mary. Both were stunned and Jane teetered as though about to faint but John caught her. The disturbance outside the café caused Bill and Mary to turn and see Jane in John's arms.

That night, the TV news announced a woman had murdered her husband and a man had murdered his wife, but it wasn't them.

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